These tracks pretty much epitomize Eclectic Relaxation. Taken from Below The Heavens, the classic joint venture by slept-on West Coast MC Blu and and Cali producer Exile (Blu & Exile) that hip-hop heads were blessed with back in 2007, both songs are straight vibes and feature a certain Grammy award-winning crooner before he gained worldwide recognition.

Back when he went by the name Miguel Jontel, Adorn singer Miguel was killing hooks for Blu & Exile. The first track, First Things First (ha), features a laidback production by Exile with Miguel supplying the chorus to Blu’s verses.

Blu & Exile – First Things First (ft. Miguel Jontel)

Read on for the second classic joint.

The second song is the album’s gem. One of my top 10 all-time favourite hip-hop tracks, Cold Hearted sees Miguel open and close the track with the smoothest of harmonies, while Blu drops an introspective verse over a soulful Exile beat.

Blu & Exile – Cold Hearted (ft. Miguel Jontel)

If you’re not up on the Below The Heavens album, you’re missing out on one of the best hip-hop releases of the decade. Get it on iTunes here and stay tuned for a stream of Exile’s latest album.


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