A self-taught musician, singer, songwriter and producer…  and only 22 years old, this prodigy from the West Coast has an almost undefinable sound that is ready to be heard. Iman Omari has been steadily churning out material since his debut Energy in late-2011 but has also been lending his hand in production to the likes of Dom Kennedy, Mac Miller, California rap trio Pac Div and most significantly earning production credits on Kendrick’s Section.80 (Chapter 10). Omari himself describes his sound as “vibe music” which is spot on, listen to his single Energy, the title track from his first EP:


Taking inspirations from Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock and the legendary J Dilla, Iman Omari produces a fresh sound that is unique but still fits right in with the new wave of talent coming from the West Coast. His production discography is already pretty vast, most notably producing one of my favourite songs from last year, Cali crew Overdoz’s Lauren London, right here:


His debut EP, Energy which was first released back in 2011, features a fusion of sounds from hip-hop to soul to jazz with a wavy, mellow feel and futuristic edge and definitely has replay value. The title track (up top), Worth It and Midnight are ones to check out. Download the EP for free now.

This year, Iman has been quite productive, releasing a beat tape and most recently, his debut (VIBE)rations LP. The 7-track Vibe Tape +++ (available on Bandcamp) features some chilled, bouncy beats that sample greats like Outkast and Fred Hammond. His current release (VIBE)rations LP dropped earlier this month and sounds way ahead of its time. Pretty much fully self produced, this is music to zone out to. Stream below and go here to purchase the album.

Vibe Tape +++


(VIBE)rations LP


It will be interesting to see where Iman Omari progresses from here. If he continues in his current path, I’m sure his talents will become more and more sought after by bigger artists. Follow him on Twitter, @IamImanOmari and keep it locked for his next move.


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